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If you have tried every possible solution for foot, toe, or ankle pain relief and haven’t had success, you still have an option. Expert podiatrist James M. Hurst, DPM, provides AmnioFix® injections to patients of Centreville Foot & Ankle Clinic in Centreville, Virginia. These stem cell injection treatments are ideal for helping you recover from foot and ankle injuries — and for relieving pain.

Stem Cell Injection Q&A

How do stem cell injections work?

AmnioFix injections are made from dehydrated and purified amniotic tissue donated by healthy women who have to go through a cesarean section. This tissue is full of specialized cells from placental tissue that are rich in human growth factors.

These growth factors are responsible for healing soft tissue damage, such as when you tear a tendon or ligament. So naturally, they’re something you want more of after having an injury. As these growth factors go to work, they’ll enhance your healing process by:

  • Regenerating damaged tissue
  • Reducing scar tissue formation
  • Minimizing inflammation

Your pain will gradually diminish, since your body will actually be healing itself.

What types of injuries can stem cell injections help with?

As a leading podiatrist, Dr. Hurst is an expert at determining when an AmnioFix injection can benefit you. He might recommend this treatment if you have:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Muscle tears
  • Torn or ruptured tendons
  • Torn or ruptured ligaments

Will I need more than one stem cell injection?

Possibly. It will probably take several weeks for your injury to heal — or at least for you to have noticeable improvement — after getting your AmnioFix shot. Dr. Hurst will schedule a follow-up appointment a few weeks after your injection to monitor your progress. If you’re not progressing as planned, or if you’re still in severe pain, he might recommend getting another injection, or having the injection done in a nearby spot.

Are the injections painful?

Getting any type of shot can be a little painful. While you will probably feel a little stinging when you get your AmnioFix shot, the minimal discomfort only lasts a few seconds. Plus, if you’re getting it in a highly sensitive area, Dr. Hurst can apply a topical numbing cream beforehand — or apply ice for a few minutes — so that you skin is numb before getting your shot.

But don’t spend too much time stressing about this brief procedure. Instead, think about how much better you’ll start feeling afterward.


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