Annie E.

Submitted 01/10/18

Having been a professional dancer I have always known my feet were doomed to someday have to have surgery of some sorts. In my 40’s, both of my feet were acting up and I knew something had to be done. Crooked and painful toes, high arches, bunions- you name it- I had it! So I began searching and came to Dr. H! Seriously my journey with him was like a walk on the beach. I say “beach” instead of walk in the “park” because his office is decorated like you are literally at a beach.- complete with beach chairs in the lobby! Pretty cool vibe! He is so personable, talks to you as a real human-and not someone that went to medical school- that he makes you feel totally comfortable and is REALLY GREAT at what he does! His office staff follows his lead as well and are super friendly, accommodating, and honestly they all just care about YOU as a person! Kind of rare these days, especially in offices. I mean when people first go into medicine they go because they want to help you. Right? Well, it seems after all the medical claims and insurance issues and just “stuff” the customer service falls by the wayside for most, but not here!!!!!! We all need advocates for us and when you find a Dr who is then stick with them!!!! In my opinion, Dr H is doing what all doctors need to do treat the person and then the symptoms. Dr Hurst is a great guy with huge amount of knowledge, excellent technical abilities, and wonderful communication skills. Plus, as I said, you matter to him! Oh, after two operations and lots of steps, I’m happy to say these feet are not only made for walking, but I’m back choreographing. At 50 not going to go back into my old performing profession but my feet are much prettier, can do what I need them to do and I now have zero pain!!!!!! Bad news, I only have two feet so my work with him for now is done. My job is to help spread the word about Dr H and his wonderful staff. So, I just sent a friend of mine to Dr Hurst and she is thrilled with her whole journey as well. So take your feet on vacation and go over to Dr H island and sit back, relax and let Dr. H and his staff help you to feel better too. Annie

Ellen D.

Submitted 12/14/17

After more than a year of waiting for three bones in my foot to heal, I still had a painful limp. An MRI revealed a tear in my ankle ligament (ATFL). I sought out Dr. Hurst based on a friends referral for second opinion as I wanted a Board Certified surgeon. Dr. Hurst repaired my ankle ligament (ATFL) with an Allograft tissue in early September 2017. In less than six weeks I was walking with an ankle brace and needed a brace for only a few weeks more. I also opted for a few laser treatments and I was amazed at the improvement they gave so quickly. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was walking and only needed some home PT on my own. I expected several more months but after three months I can't believe I have my life back!

Thomas M.

Submitted 10/27/17

When I developed a few warts under my toe, I payed Dr. Hurst a visit. After discussing my options, I chose to have them surgically removed. The procedure was quick, painless, and effective. They haven't come back, and I am grateful for Dr. Hurst's treatment.

Brittany M.

Submitted 10/27/17

I have been pigeon-toed in my R foot slightly for many years. It has directly impacted my running and job duties. I am on my feet for 8-10 hours a day with my job and by the end of the day my feet usually throb and hurt. Dr. Hurst explained the benefits of orthotics to me and how it can help me improve my overall pain after a run or a long work day. I have noticed decreased in pressure in my feet where I was experiencing pain since consulting and ordering orthotics through CENTREVILLE FOOT & ANKLE & SPORTS MEDICINE. Dr. Hurst is personable, listens to your concerns, and has great clinical knowledge. I highly recommend him to all friends and family.

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